The Holiday Season is just around the corner. Are you ready? If your initial response was ‘no,’ and your next thought was overwhelming dread toward the hoard of holiday-crazed shoppers not practicing proper social distancing, perhaps you need to think of alternative, moneywise gift options!  In order to keep your budget, your sanity, and your immune system safe, we have compiled a list of some financial gift ideas that can benefit your loved ones for decades.


For the past 15 years, gift cards have been America’s #1 gift to give. In fact, according to a National Retail Federation survey, 56% of consumers plan to give them as gift this coming holiday season, making them excellent (and frequent) targets for grinchy fraudsters. So, when purchasing gift cards for your loved ones this year, be sure to:

  • Purchase the card from trusted companies-only, and, if possible, direct from the retailer or restaurant.
  • Inspect the card before you buy it, and make sure the PIN # hasn’t been exposed and the packaging hasn’t been tampered with.
  • Get a receipt to have proof-of-purchase in case something goes wrong and be sure to include it when gifting the gift card.


Although a generational faux pas, no one will turn down cold hard cash. While there was the intention to be thoughtful when purchasing a tangible gift, there is always a strong likelihood that the item doesn’t fit (physically or metaphorically). This gift quickly becomes the burden of “where do I return this?”, “is there a receipt?”, and “gosh, I hope they don’t exchange for only store credit.” Let your loved one choose where to spend their money. Who knows, maybe you just helped pay rent this month!


Student loans can create a slippery slope to insurmountable debt. Tuition, books and living expenses can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. A 529 plan contribution can help lift the financial burden that comes with a college education. Contributing to a child’s 529 plan is more meaningful and consequential than a tangible gift.

With this list, remember that money and financial success does not equate to love, happiness or holiday cheer—but it can help a little. HAPPY HOLIDAY$!