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Mobile Deposit For Your
Business Helps Improve
Your Cash Flow.

No matter where you are or when you need it, NDBT Mobile Deposit for Business puts you in control and protects checks by letting you securely process them as you receive them. It also helps you and your employees focus on the most important thing – taking care of your customers. Some restrictions apply, usage charges may apply with your mobile device carrier. See a banker for more details

We’re Investing in our Lobby and an Extraordinary Banking Experience for You.

Dallas Banking Center lobby will be open by APPOINTMENT ONLY during our remodel.

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Discover the balance between trust and technology.

Who we are

At North Dallas Bank & Trust Co., we know that any bank can provide automation and convenience. But we are not just any bank - we are the smarter choice. Artificial intelligence is the way of the future, but it is no match for Authentic Intelligence, a combination of wisdom, ingenuity, care and action that allows us to achieve unrivaled trust with our customers. It is this revolutionary blend of trust and technology that makes our customers truly MONEY-WISE.

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A bank that accounts for your needs.

For us, banking has never been just about money. It is about helping people to make smarter decisions in business and in life. As the bank near you with the high Y.Q. (You Quotient), we offer a wide array of in-person and online banking options and invaluable tools designed with your personal needs in mind. This is how we make progress personal.