Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most commonly asked Digital Banking questions.

NDBT provides a variety of ways to self-service your digital banking experience. This FAQ is a good place to start!

Digital Banking - Frequently Asked Questions

If you need further assistance, please contact us at 972.716.7100 or More visual explanations of how to use the new digital platform can be found by accessing our Digital Banking User Guide and Digital Banking Business User Guide.

Topics are arranged in alphabetical order: Accounts; Bill Pay; Card Management; Check Services; Deposits; Documents; Logging In; Message Center; Miscellaneous; Mobile App; Pay & Transfer; Quick Apply; Telephone Banking; Viewing External Accounts

What are some of the features of the new digital banking platform?

The new digital banking platform has a simple, clean look and improved navigation, as well as several other improvements:

  • Enhanced Security: Introducing a new learned-based technology to help protect your information. 
  • Better Communication Tools: Communicate with our support team more efficiently, while important information is sent to you in a safe, secure manner. 
  • Streamlined Transactions: Enjoy hassle-free payments, transfers, and bill management right from your fingertips. 
  • Self-service Tools: Easily manage password resets and forgotten usernames. 


Will my account information from other financial institutions carry over to the new platform?

Yes. Any transfer accounts from other Financial Institutions that are currently established on your account will carry over to the new platform.

Will I have access to all of my accounts with a single login?

If applicable, we can establish access to any of your accounts with a single login. To request this functionality, please contact us at or 972.716.7100.

Where can I find my loan payment amount?

Loan payment amounts will show on the Home page.

Where can I find my account number in Online Banking?

Desktop: Under the Accounts page, select the eye icon next to your hidden amount number to view the full account number. To hide again, reselect the eye icon. Mobile: Click on the account number that you want to view, then click “show details.”

Where can I find NDBT's routing number in Digital Banking?

The routing number can be found by scrolling down to the bottom of any page on Desktop (online) or Mobile Banking.

Will setting a category for a certain transaction and merchant be applied to future purchases?

Yes, as long as there is not a change to the Merchant’s information, the new platform will recognize the transaction and categorize it as you have previously designated.

How far back can I search transactions on an account?

Up to 18 months of transactions will be available.

How far back will my check images written from my account be available?

Up to 18 months of check images will be available for checks written from your account.

Will I be able to download statements to Quicken or Excel?

Yes. Using the Accounts page, simple select the Download icon and select download options.

If I hide my account, will I still be able to transfer funds to/from that account in Online Banking?

Yes. Hiding an account from the Home page will not affect your ability to transfer to and from  the account. You can gain visibility again by navigating to the Settings and making the appropriate modification under the Accounts tab or you can unhide the account from the Home page screen. However, if an end user hides the account on either the Settings or Accounts tabs, they will not see that account in the “To” or “From” dropdown menu on the Transfers screen. As a result, they will be unable to use that account for transfers until they unhide it on either Settings or Accounts screens.

Bill Pay

Will my bill pay information carry over to the new digital banking platform?

Yes. All your current payee/payment information will carry over. Please review your bill pay settings, just to be sure everything is correct. You will need to re-enroll for e-bills.

If I am transferring to a new payee, do I need to verify with a temporary code?

Yes. Anytime money above a set threshold is being transferred out of your account, or a new account link (external or internal) is being established, a verification code will be sent via Voice, Email, or Text to verify your identity.

I had a recurring transfer set up in the old platform, does it need to be reset in the new digital banking platform?

No. Any recurring transfers will be converted to the new digital banking platform. Should you need to make modifications (edit or delete) to the recurring transfers after the conversion, navigate to Pay & Transfer, then select Bill Pay and Scheduled. From there you can make modifications or cancel the recurring transfer.

What is the turnaround time for an electronic bill pay payment?

2-3 business days.

What are ebills vs Bill Pay?

An eBill (electronic bill) is an electronic version of a paper bill that you can view and pay via the Bill Pay widget. The eBills are only compatible with the companies that have been designated as an eBill provider (ex: Verizon Wireless, Discover and Home Depot).

Why am I receiving the following error when attempting to submit a payment in the Bill Pay Widget? "Error: An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again later. Original Error Code: IPay.8040"

This error is occurring due to the entry in the memo field. You may be using too many characters (Max = 25), or you may be using special characters that are not allowed.

Card Management

Which cards are eligible to use the lock/unlock feature?

All of our debit and credit cards are eligible for this feature.

What happens when I lock my card?

Within minutes, you will see the card appear locked. Locking your card will prevent new transactions, while still allowing recurring transactions, pre-authorized payments and refunds to post to your account.

What happens when I unlock my card?

Once your card is unlocked, you may resume transactions and payments.

Should I lock my card if I see an unauthorized transaction?

Yes. Please dispute the transaction by contacting us. We will block the card permanently and send you a new card. We recommend you lock your card for temporary misplacement. If you suspect fraudulent charges or you are certain you have lost your card, please contact us.

Will a locked card work in my mobile wallet?

No. The card will show up in the mobile wallet, but authorizations will be declined.

Will I receive card alerts?

Once you register your card and select your notification preference, all card transaction alerts will be sent to you in real time.

Check Services

When I Stop Payment via Check Services, will I get charged a stop payment fee?

The stop payment fee is determined by the financial institution, so the amounts and stipulations may vary.

Can I reorder checks online?

If this is the first time ordering checks, please contact us. For re-orders, you can use this feature.


How does Mobile Deposit work?

Select Deposit Checks, the account you wish to deposit to, enter the amount of your check and Endorse the check exactly as it is made payable. Include “For Mobile Deposit Only” below your signature endorsement. Do not capture or submit currency, money orders, international checks, third party checks. or savings bonds.

You will then be prompted to take a photo of the front and back of your endorsed check with your mobile device. Be sure to capture a clear picture with all 4 corners of the check in your mobile device’s camera screen. Then submit your deposit. You will receive a confirmation message on your mobile device along with an email confirmation, after your deposit is submitted.

When will my mobile deposit funds be available?

Deposits received after 4pm CST will be processed the following business day. Please retain your check for 30 days, then securely destroy the check. Funds availability is outlined in the NDBT Funds Availability policy.


Will I still be able to view my statements and tax forms online?

Yes. They can be found under the Documents tab.

Logging In

How do I log into the new system?

  • Desktop – Go to the log-in widget on the home page of (or direct to and enter your username and password. On first attempt (any device), you will be required to create a new password. Note: System may indicate your account is locked. Simply click Forgot Password and proceed to enter verification information, create new password, and agree to terms.
  • Android mobile device – Delete the old application from your phone and download the new version from the Google Play Store
  • iOS mobile devices – Ensure your application is the latest version – Apple App Store
    • Log in using your current username
    • Enter your current password
    • A temporary passcode/password will be sent to your designated contact preference on record (voice, email, text)
    • Create your new personalized password (you will use your current username and this password to login moving forward)

Can I use my same username?

Yes. You can use your existing username. If you have forgotten your username, click “Forgot Username?.”

Can I use my same password?

No. Once you have logged in the first time using your current password, you will be prompted to create a new password.

How will my biometrics be affected?

If the biometric security (fingerprint scan or face recognition) on your mobile device is currently activated, you will be prompted with setup instructions.

Will my account look the same when I log in?

All of your current account information will transfer securely to the new system. Once you log in, you will immediately notice a change to the home page layout, giving you a convenient snapshot view of your accounts. However, nicknames you may have created for you accounts will not appear, only account numbers for each account. You can re-establish the nicknames by editing the account name and can easily rearrange the home screen according to your preferences.

Can I change my username and password after my initial log in?

Yes. You are able to change your username and password by navigating to Settings, by clicking on your profile picture/icon, located at the top right of the screen. Then click on the Security Tab and t the pencil icon by your username/password to edit.

Message Center

What does the Message Center do?

It allows you to send secure messages to NDBT and it allows us to send secure messages to you.

What happened to the digital banking after hours telephone support?

NDBT’s new digital banking platform includes support tools within the system to replace the previous need for outside support, including password resets and forgotten usernames.


Will my device/browser work?

Online Banking supports the last two versions of the browsers listed below:

  • Google Chrome: Latest two versions
  • Firefox: Latest two versions
  • Internet Explorer: v11*
  • Microsoft Edge: Latest two versions
  • Safari: Last two major versions
  • IOS: Last two major versions
  • Android: v9.0 and higher

*Limited Support: Some functionality may not work as expected. End users with IE 11 as their browser will still be able to access essential functionality of Online Banking.

Can I update my beneficiary online?

No. Please contact us or make an appointment on our website to make this change.

Can I change the language of my online banking screen?

Yes. Click the language option on the top left of the screen.

Are notifications for my account in real time?

Some alerts will be sent out in real time (for example, Mobile Deposit alerts). Most alerts will be sent out to members in batches. Batches are not in real time as they take place at 12am, 6am, 12pm and 6pm.

What are the important links found in Quick Links?

Currently the Quick Links include direct access to:

  • Digital Banking User Guide
  • Digital Banking Business User Guide
  • Statements/Tax Forms
  • Message Center
  • Debit Card Alerts/Debit Card Controls

How can I make a loan payment from an external account (not with NDBT)?

To make a payment to a consumer loan you must first add the external account. Then navigate to the Pay & Transfer tab and click on the transfer. Proceed with scheduling the transfer.

Will I be able to setup account alerts?

Yes. Alerts can be sent via SMS, email or push notification. Navigate to Alerts under the Accounts tab to setup your alert preferences.

Why don't I have the ability to receive notifications via SMS text?

To activate the ability to receive mobile alerts, navigate to Settings, by clicking your profile picture/icon, located at the top right corner of the screen. Under Contact, select the edit pencil next to the mobile number for the option to request a temporary code, confirm that code, and opt that mobile device in to receive SMS alerts.

When are ACH transactions processed?

For same day, ACH transactions are processed at 12:30pm CT. Otherwise they are processed at 3:00pm CT. 

Where can I submit an ACH Stop Payment?

Navigate to the Accounts tab and click on Secure Forms. Then click on the ACH Stop Payment option and add the necessary information.

I replied "STOP" to stop receiving text message alerts but I am still receiving them. How can I make them stop?

Turn off alerts by navigating to Alerts under the Accounts tab. Simply mover the slider to “off” to turn the alert off and click save. Since alerts are customizable based upon the alert type, you will need to manage or turn off each alert that you do not want to receive.

I'm logging in from a different device, but am not receiving a prompt for a multi-factor authentication code.

If you have previously logged in with another device and selected “remember this device,” it is likely you are logging in with the new device but on the same Wifi connection.

Mobile App

Will I need to download a new app?

That depends on your device:

  • Android users will need to delet the old app and download a new version from the Google Play Store
  • Apple users will only need to update their application, which will be automatic if you have that feature turned on in your device.

What are some of the features not available on the mobile app?

Multi Pay for Bill Pay is available on desktop only.

Will the previous app stop working after go-live?

For Android users, yes. For Apple users the previous application will be updated with the new application.

Will I be able to see a copy of the check image in history when making check deposits using Remote Deposit Capture?

No. Only the check amount will be listed. You will only see images of ON US checks you have written from the account once they have cleared.

Pay & Transfer

Are transfers immediate?

Cutoff times for transfers are 8:30pm CT for internal transfers and 3:00pm CT for external transfers. External transfers will not process same business day. Limits may apply.

Why am I seeing "CvtdTxfr" for scheduled transfers that were converted?

This is not an issue. This is just a way to track schedule transfers that were converted form the previous system. You are able to delete or change this memo if you prefer.

How do I transfer money to another user of NDBT?

Hover over Pay & Transfer, click on Transfer, select More Actions, then Add Account. Link to another NDBT Customer. You will need to know the recipients last name and account number. If you would like to save the account to transfer in the future, you can check the box to do so.

How is the person (another user of NDBT) I am sending money going to be notified?

An email notification will be sent to the user.

How long does the transfer to another user of NDBT take?

Up to 10 minutes.

Quick Apply

What does the Quick Apply widget do?

Coming Soon! Quick Apply allows you to add a share to the account. These shares include: Money Market, Club Accounts, Certificate Accounts, and a Checking if you currently do not have one on the account. You are also able to apply for all consumer loans using this widget.

Telephone Banking

Why is there no telephone banking available?

During the transition to our new digital banking platform, the telephone banking option must be disconnected to prevent any duplication or gaps in transactions and data records. In addition, a new telephone (IVR) system is will be implemented with enhanced security and options. Telephone banking will return late summer 2024.

Why are you now using a telephone routing system and not answering directly during business hours?

As we transition customers to our new digital banking system and the expected increase in call volume, we have added the telephone routing service to better manage those who need answers to other issues, while managing all calls in the most efficient and time sensitive way possible. Our intent is to always put a live voice on the line as quickly as possible.

View External Accounts

Can I view balances from another financial institution?

Yes. Click Get Started under View External Accounts on the Home Page. Ensure the login information is correct for the bank that you are attempting to link to. If your login information is correct, and you are still having an issue and/or you notice a yellow alert icon, or the “Balance as of…” date is old, you will need to manually refresh the data.

How often are my external accounts updated?

Daily. Please note, some accounts will not automatically refresh if the other financial institution requires multi factor authentication (for example, security questions). If they use multi factor authentication, this will require you to refresh your credentials by navigating to Accounts, and clicking on the aggregate account you would like to be updated

Can I receive my statements from other financial institutions on this application?

No. You will still have to access most features using your other financial institutions application.

What can I do with a linked external account?

Adding external accounts will give you a holistic view of your personal finances. Using the Goals widget will allow you to have a full view of your spending by category. You can use the filter option to look at specific categories or time frames across your accounts. This is only to view accounts, not transfer between them.

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