Helping Small Businesses Grow – A Community Banker’s Story

NDBT banker Steve Carpenter chatting with customer in Plano bank lobby

As a community banker I am trained to listen carefully to neighbors, friends, relatives, and contacts wherever I go, for an opportunity to help. Help can come in many forms – lending a hand with yard work, helping someone repair their car, preparing a meal for a family in need, or a million other ways. Help can also come in the form of assisting a neighbor who is working with a small business, grow that business.

Several years ago, a family moved into the house next door to me. We were fortunate enough to not have a fence line between our houses, and sometimes we would meet between the homes and watch our dogs run and play. During one of those play sessions my neighbor asked me “what do you do for work.” I answered that I was (and still am) a commercial lender at NDBT. He told me he was working for a small business in the electrical distribution industry and the company needed a new bank, as their bank at the time could not service their needs and was unresponsive.

Not long after, I was introduced to the owner of the company, which set in motion a 15-year relationship encompassing loans for real estate, vehicles, investment properties, commercial real estate, an airplane and a $15MM line of credit. Over that time, the company has grown annual revenue from $5MM to over $200MM. All this from a conversation in the yard!

These types of stories are common among bankers at NDBT.

We are well positioned to help small businesses in our community grow. NDBT has bankers who learn the industries, understand the businesses, and are attentive to their needs. We provide excellent service and trusted advice, as well as the expertise, services, technology, and loan products to help support growth. Plus, being a community bank allows us to be nimble and flexible. And our culture is one of developing long-lasting relationships with our small business customers.

If you are a small business owner and not completely satisfied with your current banking relationship or are just getting started and ready for the financial service support NDBT can provide, we would welcome the chance to visit with you and learn about your company. And you will not have to meet me in my yard, we would be happy to come to you!

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Steve Carpenter
Executive Vice President
Commercial Lender


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