It’s about Authentic Intelligence – as opposed to Artificial Intelligence. We’re devoted to providing a blend of wisdom, ingenuity, care and action in our banking and financial services that achieve a level of trust that automated algorithms could never match. We call it having a “high Y.Q.” or “You Quotient” – a dedication to thoughtful, personalized service which ensures that everything we do is driven by your best interests.

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Progress Made Personal

At NDBT, we do not stop at establishing lifelong relationships with our clients, but we also offer innovative digital banking tools complete with cutting-edge technology. From our comprehensive digital tools to personalized financial calculators and our streamlined online banking service, we take the best technology has to offer and make it better with our Authentic Intelligence.

Making smarter choices in business and life.


Just as technology advances, so too should personal service. We offer a wide variety of checking and savings accounts to meet both your personal and business needs. Whether you are just starting your financial career or are an experienced entrepreneur, we take the time to understand your individual needs and recommend the account that is right for you.

As a smaller independent bank, we are able to provide each of our customers with the personalized, insightful service that you deserve. To us, you are so much more than a routing number. We do everything in our power to make you feel like an equal partner in the management of your finances.

Be People-Centric.

True financial knowledge is not shared on an online thread – it is discussed face-to-face. Each of our five brick-and-mortar bank locations provide North Texas communities unparalleled access to the Authentic Intelligence offered by each of our expert financial advisors. We’re dedicated to smart, real-life financial insights to empower our customers to be their own best assets – in business and in life.

Y.Q. University

In order to continually provide this exceptional service to our customers, we have created Y.Q. University, a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to expanding the experience and excellence of our employees. Y.Q. University is comprised of an extensive curriculum that not only bolsters the banking expertise of our employees, but also trains them in the nuances of customer relevance within an increasingly transaction-based culture.